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The new challenge of work

Type “the new challenge of work” into your browser and you are overwhelmed with self help guides, free eBook downloads and people promising you the world.

But what really is the new challenge of work? Each one of us faces a different challenge. I work in an industry where contact is often transient. Speaking to audiences all over the world making inspired contact with them – but never being involved in their day to day working lives. I strive to leave them with the tools to inspire and motivate them - but how have they changed?

The past 12 months has been difficult – there is no argument – I was planning my next great challenge (more news on that later) but all those plans had to be put on hold. Instead I have found myself reaching out to my audience virtually, missing the “buzz” of the live audience – but this has been replaced with a different “buzz”. Events seem more meaningful, more intimate in some ways – for the vast majority of cases you are coming into people’s homes, not their workplaces – into their lives. So that was my challenge, connecting with people in a different medium – a fundamental change in my working life.

Online coaching has become a much bigger part of my business, one to one and small group coaching has allowed me to create deeper and more meaningful relationships. I am grateful for that opportunity to explore issues in depth and create solutions to challenges together.

I am very lucky – a new opportunity was there – and I took it.

But what about you? How difficult is it to see opportunity when you are isolated from the rest of your team – competing with home life distractions (oh! I will just put the washing on/make a cup of tea/hear the call of the fridge).


In my first challenge – putting on a one man show at the Edinburgh Festival – I had my own set of difficulties; I have spoken about these thousands of times to audiences all over the world.

I developed my 7 keys from these challenges and still work to them today.

These keys I will expand on in future blogs – but the first is so relevant in today's environment.

Opportunities are all around us – YES! – the results of my browser search proves that – there are people who have seen the opportunity that changes to our world have bought and sought to profit from them. Just because we are all stuck at home should we stop looking at opportunities? In fact now is the exact right time to be doing that.

Change can be daunting it can be darn right scary but as we enter a world where we will manage Coronavirus we will have to embrace it no matter how uncomfortable that may make us feel. Those individuals and companies that can embrace this uncomfortable feeling are already beginning so see small successes.

So another Google search (other search engines are of course available) – this time on innovation during the pandemic and it's enlightening. We would all expect digital providers to be reaping the rewards but through adaptability, flexibility and innovative thought there are numerous lists of other success stories.

Small fine food businesses for example have adapted to the challenges caused by Covid-19 by increasing digital services, implementing delivery options and creating new, relevant products. Carpenters and electricians are now actively creating and marketing outdoor living spaces with innovative heating and lighting solutions not to mention the boom in garden offices and home gym equipment. There are innovative ideas in every sphere. Leadership and communication is also changing, how we communicate with our colleagues has forever changed and new innovations are developing at a dizzying pace.

So maybe now is the time to see the opportunities around you and take that leap – what can you lose? Failure is not a loss it is a lesson to be learnt and from failure comes the strength to try again.


February 2021

If you are interested in having me speak at your online event or would like some one on one or group coaching to discover your next opportunity please get in touch.

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